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Speech at DOAG Conference 2009 – RAC PreProduction Testing

I just came back from the DOAG Conference 2009, the german Oracle user group conference in Nürnberg where I had a speech about RAC PreProduction Testing. I have uploaded the slides and the paper to the papers section. At this time, the presentation is available in german only.

Was this database created as 32-bit or 64-bit db?

To find out whether the database was initially created as a 32-bit or 64-bit database, you can query:

SQL> select metadata from sys.kopm$ ;

When the output contains:  ‘B023‘ , the database was created as 32-bit whereas ‘B047‘ indicates 64-bit.
BTW: A short introduction to converting a database from Linux x86-32 to Linux x86-64 is available in MetaLink Note 341880.1.