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Bug: ORA-4031 for subheap “KTC latch subh” in

I just saw MOS Note

ORA-4031 After Upgrade From To With Leak in ‘KTC latch subh’ Subheaps [ID 1398984.1]

giving very little information about this bug. At the time of this writing, there is no patch available but I expect it to be in a few days. I have checked some instances and found only one with > 60 MB for this subheap.

Oracle SCN Problem

In case you have not heard all the buzz about the Oracle SCN flaw, which was published by Infoworld after the release of January CPU, I summarize the essentials.

  • There is a risk that the SCN reaches itĀ“s maximum value and this could lead to an outage of the database.
  • There is a bug in “ALTER DATABASE BEGIN BACKUP”, which increases the SCN dramatically. (Bug 12371955 – fixed in and others)
  • When you query a remote database via database link from a database with elevated SCN, the remote SCN gets increased to the higher value as well. This has the dramatic effect, that a database will infect the other database.
  • Imagine an unpatched environment with user-managed online backups (e.g. for SAN split mirror technology) and dozens of interconnected databases with database links.
  • Now imagine an evil employee with this little innocent database account with only “create session” privilegeĀ  … you get the picture.
  • The January 2012 CPU/PSU contains a patch that should restrict the ways to increase the SCN. However, I am not sure that the issue with db links is solved. I could bump up the SCN to 12562779343042 by a remote select even after patching with CPU January 2012.

Additionally, there are already quite a few articles showing how a potential attacker could use this flaw, e.g. this one.


  • Information on the System Change Number (SCN) and how it is used in the Oracle Database [ID 1376995.1]
  • Installing, Executing and Interpreting output from the “scnhealthcheck.sql” script [ID 1393363.1]
  • Bug 12371955 – Backup task can cause increased SCN growth rate leading to ORA-600 [2252] errors [ID 12371955.8]