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Highly Dangerous Oracle Database Security Vulnerability

I would like to draw your attention to a particularly dangerous security vulnerability, which was recently published by David Litchfield.

How dangerous is the vulnerability?

Any database user, who has “create session” privilege, which means, who can log into the database, can use the security hole to execute any OS command in the ownership of the oracle database owner. This means, that both denial of service as well as access to all data is exposed.

Which versions are affected?

Affected are database versions (incl. containing latest security patches as of January 2010) as well as 11g (incl.

What can I do to close this security vulernability?

You can revoke privileges from PUBLIC:

revoke execute on dbms_java from PUBLIC;
revoke execute on dbms_java_test from PUBLIC;
revoke execute on “oracle/aurora/util/Wrapper” from PUBLIC;
grant execute on sys.dbms_jvm_exp_perms to IMP_FULL_DATABASE;
grant execute on sys.dbms_jvm_exp_perms to EXP_FULL_DATABASE;
revoke execute on sys.dbms_jvm_exp_perms from PUBLIC;

If you are using a third party vendor application, you should contact your vendor to check compatibility with revoked privileges or test before implementing in production.