Add Dependency of Database Instance on ASM to OCR

Today at a presentation of Grégory Guillou and Alex Gorbachev from The Pythian Group at UKOUG 2008, I learned that the dependency of RAC database instances on ASM is not set up when adding the database instances to OCR via srvctl add instance.

I was wondering in the past, why the database instances would sometimes not start up correctly when booting and fail at loading the spfile from ASM.

So, if you did not use DBCA to create and register your RAC database with OCR but srvctl, as shown here:

$ srvctl add database -d BOSTON –o /opt/oracle/product/10g_db_rac
$ srvctl add instance -d BOSTON -i BOSTON1 -n boston_host1
$ srvctl add instance -d BOSTON -i BOSTON2 -n boston_host2

then you have to create this dependency manually in order to determine the appropriate startup order:

$ srvctl modify instance –d BOSTON –i BOSTON1 –s +ASM1
$ srvctl modify instance –d BOSTON –i BOSTON2 –s +ASM2

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  1. P.S: The error message if you do not configure this dependency can be seen in logfile $RDBMS_HOME/log//racg/imon_.log and looks like this:

    ORA-17503: ksfdopn:2 Failed to open file +ASMPTST/PRITSTR/spfilePRITSTR.ora
    ORA-15077: could not locate ASM instance serving a required diskgroup

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