LMON: terminating instance due to error 481 after Upgrade

I have recently come across this nasty bug, which occurred after upgrading the RAC cluster to Out of nowhere the LMON process has terminated one cluster instance. After some research I found a matching bug from September 2008:

Bug 6500033 / MetaLink Note 6500033.8: LMON crash the instance with ORA-481 due to DRM sync timeout


Sun Oct 19 17:47:12 2008
LMON: terminating instance due to error 481


sent synca inc 4 lvl 1308 (4,0/38/0)
kjfcdrmrfg: SYNC TIMEOUT (105441, 104540, 900), step 31
Submitting asynchronized dump request [28]
KJC Communication Dump:
state 0x5 flags 0x0 mode 0x0 inst 0 inc 4
nrcv 3 nsp 3 nrcvbuf 1000

It is fixed in RAC Recommended Bundle #2 (7573282), available for Linux x86-32/64, Solaris and HP-UX.

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