Recommended Patches for Oracle Databases / Clusters

From time to time, the question arises about which patches should be installed on top of the regular patchsets, e.g.

MetaLink Note 743554.1 finally gives a clear statement:

Patch 7312511 is recommended to apply whether you are hitting the above mentioned bugs or not. Hence this has been included in Metalink recommended patches list.

In my opinion, especially if you have RAC systems, you should definitely review the CRS Patch Bundles and RAC Recommended Patches, test them in a test environment and bring the into production. Especially, when upgrading from a previous release, e.g., I would recommend to upgrade to the latest possible patchset, CRS patch bundle, RDBMS patch bundle and RAC recommended patches in one step. This way, you can use one test cycle for everything instead of testing the latest patchset, e.g. and testing seperately again every other patch.

On Linux x86_64, there are currently the following latest bundles available:

  • 7493592 – Patch CRS Bundle #2 (24.11.2008)
  • 7573282 – Patch RAC Recommended Bundle #2 (21.11.2008)
  • 7496435 – Patch Generic Recommended Bundle #2 (24.10.2008)

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