Installing 10gR2 RAC on Linux Itanium (Montecito)

Recently, I had to install 10gR2 on Linux Itanium (Montecito CPUs) and found out that the Java version that ships with the binaries does not work on this platform. Therefore you have to download Patch 5390722 and perform the following steps for RAC installation:

  1. Install Patch 5390722: Install JDK into new 10.2 CRS Home, then install JRE into new 10.2 CRS Home.
  2. Take a tar backup of the CRS Home containing these two components. You will need it.
  3. Install Clusterware by running from binaries: ./runInstaller -jreLoc $CRS_HOME/jre/1.4.2
  4. Install Patch 5390722 with the option CLUSTER_NODES={"node1", "node2", ...}: Install JDK into new 10.2 RDBMS Home, then install JRE into new 10.2 RDBMS
  5. Install RDBMS Binaries into the new 10.2 RDBMS: ./runInstaller -jreLoc $ORACLE_HOME/jre/1.4.2
  6. If you want to install the patchset, you will have to follow these steps:
    for CRS: ./runInstaller -jreLoc $ORA_CRS_HOME/jdk/jre
    for RDBMS: ./runInstaller -jreLoc $ORACLE_HOME/jdk/jre
  7. After that, you have to repair the JRE because the patchset has overwritten the patched JRE with the defective versions. (7448301)
    % cd $ORACLE_HOME/jre
    % rm -rf 1.4.2
    % tar –xvf $ORACLE_HOME/jre/1.4.2-5390722.tar


  • Note: 404248.1 – How To Install Oracle CRS And RAC Software On Itanium Servers With Montecito Processors
  • Note: 400227.1 – How To Install Oracle RDBMS Software On Itanium Servers With Montecito Processors
  • Bug 7448301 – Linux Itanium: Patchset for Linux Itanium (Montecito) has wrong Java runtime

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  1. Hi –
    I got this error when installing the CRS into the same home as when installing the Patch, did I miss something or what
    Checking for Oracle Home incompatibilities ….
    Check complete. The overall result of this check is: Failed <<<<
    Problem: Oracle Clusterware cannot be installed into an existing Oracle Home.
    Recommendation: Choose a new Oracle Home for installing this software.

  2. Omar,

    please be aware that Oracle Clusterware has to be installed as a seperate Oracle Home and can not be installed into an RDBMS Oracle Home.


  3. Martin,
    I know, thanks but I am installing the patch on $CRS_HOME then installing the Clusterware on the same home, till now I am not installing RDBMS, but I think I have resolved the Issue,
    I had to “# unset ORACLE_HOME” first.
    after that OUI will till you cannot install on non-empty, ignore this and replace the existing directory.

    – Regarding patchset I had no lock, the OUI exits always even after using the patch and “jreLoc” option.

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