Installation Prerequisites for Oracle Databases

More often than not, I see installations, where either shared memory parameters or ulimit settings are not set as required for an optimal Oracle database installation.

The tool RDA, commonly known as a support tool to gather diagnostic information for Oracle Support for service requests, can do these checks quite nicely.


  • Download RDA from MetaLink Note 314422.1.
  • unzip in working directory
  • run Health Check Validation Engine of RDA
  • $ ./ -T hcve
    Processing HCVE tests ...
    Available Pre-Installation Rule Sets:
    1. Oracle Database 10g (10.1.0) PreInstall(HP-UX)
    2. Oracle Database 10g R1 (10.1.0) PreInstall (HP-UX Itanium)
    3. Oracle Database 10g R2 (10.2.0) PreInstall (HPUX)
    4. Oracle Database 11g R1 (11.1.0) PreInstall (HPUX)
    5. Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) PreInstall (HP-UX)
    6. Oracle Application Server 10g R2 (10.1.2) PreInstall (HP-UX)
    7. Oracle Portal PreInstall (Generic)
    Available Post-Installation Rule Sets:
    8. Oracle Portal PostInstall (generic)
    9. Data Guard PostInstall (Generic)
    Enter the HCVE rule set number
    Hit 'Return' to accept the default (1)
    > 3

    Enter value for < Planned ORACLE_HOME location or if set >
    Hit 'Return' to accept the default ($ORACLE_HOME)

    Test "Oracle Database 10g R2 (10.2.0) PreInstall (HPUX)" executed at Tue Dec 23 15:26:31 2008

    Test Results

    ===== ==================== ====== ========================================
    10 OS Certified? PASSED Certified with 10g R2 RDBMS
    20 User in /etc/passwd? PASSED userOK
    25 Got EXTJOB User? FAILED ExtjobNotFound
    30 Group in /etc/group? PASSED GroupOK
    50 ORACLE_HOME Valid? PASSED OHexists
    60 O_H Permissions OK? PASSED CorrectPerms
    70 Umask Set to 022? PASSED UmaskOK
    90 SHLIB_PATH Unset? PASSED UnSet
    100 Other O_Hs in PATH? PASSED NotFound
    110 oraInventory Permiss FAILED oraInventoryNotOK
    120 /tmp Adequate? PASSED TempSpaceOK
    130 Swap (in MB) RECORD 15144
    140 RAM (in MB) PASSED 14334
    150 SwapToRAM OK? PASSED SwapToRAMOK
    160 Disk Space OK? FAILED OnlySpaceForOne
    170 Kernel Parameters OK FAILED [EXECUTABLE_STACK=1] too large [MAXUP..>
    175 Links and Libs OK? PASSED AllExist
    180 Got ld,nm,ar,make? PASSED ld_nm_ar_make_found
    190 ulimits OK? PASSED ulimitOK
    200 Got OS Bundles? PASSED GOLDAPPS11iandGOLDBASE11iAdequate
    210 Got OS Patches? FAILED [PHNE_31097 or its successor PHNE_324..>
    220 Other OUI Up? PASSED NoOtherOUI

    The output file contains detailed information, about why a specific check failed.

    [PHNE_31097 or its successor PHNE_32477 or its successor PHNE_33498 or its successor PHNE_35418] not installed
    [PHSS_31221 or its successor PHSS_33263 or its successor PHSS_33944] not installed
    [PHSS_30970 or its successor PHSS_33033 or its successor PHSS_35379] not installed
    [PHSS_32508 or its successor PHSS_34411 or its successor PHSS_35099] not installed
    [PHSS_32509 or its successor PHSS_34412 or its successor PHSS_35098] not installed
    [PHSS_32510 or its successor PHSS_34413 or its successor PHSS_35100] not installed

    [EXECUTABLE_STACK=1] too large
    [MAXUPRC=1024] too small
    [MSGMNI=50] too small
    [MSGTQL=40] too small
    [NCSIZE=9964] too small
    [NFILE=5000] too small
    [NINODE=4844] too small
    [SHMMAX=1024000000] too small
    [MAXSWAPCHUNKS=2048] too small
    [MSGMAP=42] too small == KernelOK

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