Oracle Enterprise Manager – Grid Control finally released

Finally, Oracle Enterprise Manager – Grid Control is available for download for Win32 and Linux x86. Moreover, this is the first release to officially support as repository database as well as the first release to officially support RHEL5 for OMS.

Relevant documents for upgrade are available on MetaLink:

  • 763307.1: How to Install the Grid Control Patchset on a Well Maintained OMS or Agent
  • List of Bugs Fixed:
  • 763351.1: Documentation Reference for Grid Control Installation and Upgrade
  • 464674.1: Checklist for EM 10g Grid Control 10.2.x to OMS and Repository Upgrades

To be continued….

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  1. I just completed a step-by-step installation guide that walks the reader through setting up the Linux O/S, performing prerequisite tasks, downloading the required software, installing and patching Grid Control, configuring the newly installed Grid Control environment, and finally how to verify the Grid Control components are working properly.

    The configuration will consist of the following components:

    * Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Release 5 – (
    * Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 – (CentOS 5.3)
    * Using an Existing 11g Database for the Management Repository

    The newly published article can be found at:

  2. Jeff,

    thank you for reading my blog and providing this information. In fact, i was planning to put together such a How-To myself, but you were faster.


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