RAC Deadlock Detection not working on / Linux Itanium

We recently experienced a big issue, when the production database was hung. It turned out that the database has deadlocked, but the GES did not detect the deadlock situation, so all the sessions were waiting on “enq: TX row lock contention”.

We could provide a reproducible testcase and it turned out to be bug 7014855. The bug is platform specific to Linux Itanium port and a patch is available.

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  1. Hi, we have the same issue, and we apply the patch. After that the deadlock was detected but the session can not dead because is waiting for “log file sequential read”
    Do you have an issue like this after apply the backport?


  2. Diego,

    thank you for your contribution. We did not have any issues with deadlock detection after implementing this patch. Now, patches are correctly detected and resolved by GES.


  3. Wondering whether this patch might be available for other ports? ANy idea?

  4. Hello Steve,

    i don´t think that this bug exists on other platforms. However, if you are experiencing this issue on other platforms, don´t hesitate to contact Oracle support and refer them to this bug and ask for clarification.

    Best Regards,

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