Reclaimable Space Report – Segment Advisor

Today, I tried to get a nice, clean report about objects with reclaimable space from Segment Advisor. It is no problem to display the list in Enterprise Manager Grid|DB Control, but it is not so easy in SQL*Plus.

This is what i ended up with:

  segment_owner ,
  round(allocated_space/1024/1024) ALLOC_MB ,
  round(used_space/1024/1024) USED_MB ,
  round(reclaimable_space/1024/1024) RECLAIM_MB    ,
  (1-ROUND((used_space/allocated_space),2))*100 AS reclaim_pct
   FROM TABLE(dbms_space.asa_recommendations('TRUE', 'TRUE', 'FALSE'))
  WHERE tablespace_name IN ('TS_DATA')
AND segment_type         = 'TABLE'
AND segment_owner LIKE '%'
AND segment_name LIKE '%'
AND (reclaimable_space >= 1000000
         OR (((1-ROUND((used_space/allocated_space),2))*100)) > 30)
ORDER BY reclaimable_space DESC

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