Is your database secure enough? Check out Metasploit …

I have come across a short post on Pete Finnigan´s Oracle Security Weblog, who informed about the release of new Metasploit modules usable for penetration testing of Oracle databases.

What is Metasploit?

Metasploit is a framework, which enables automatic utilization of all kinds of exploits to test security of a system. Among others, there is an Oracle module.

To get some idea about what is possible, watch this: Attacking Oracle with the Metasploit Framework Shmoocon Firetalk Demo Video. In a very impressive 5 minute video, the presenter demonstrates how to use Oracle Listener version identification, SID brute force, well known username/password combinations (e.g. scott/tiger), gets access to scott, privilege escalates to dba, plants a java class to exec os commands, etc… You get the idea….

This will be something to watch out for, because it will enable script-kiddies to attack badly secured databases connected to the internet, or well trained rogue internal employees to attack databases, which do not have critical patch updates for well known security vulnerabilities installed.

A reuters report about this new release can you find here.

Update 2009-08-13: The metasploit developer has uploaded new demo videos of how to hack an oracle database with metasploit.

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