High CPU Utilization – waits on cursor: pin S

I have recently encountered a problem at a customer site, where the database instances resource utilization was so high that the application did not work anymore. Version was on Linux with Oracle Recommended Generic Patches installed.

Unfortunately, the customer decided to bounce the instance, so that there is no possibility for intensive diagnosis. However, ASH report shows that a dozen sessions either waited on Wait event “cursor: pin S” or were active (ON CPU) without any SQL_ID. An AWR Report showed:

Top 5 Timed Events                                         Avg %Total
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                        wait   Call
Event                                 Waits    Time (s)   (ms)   Time Wait Class
------------------------------ ------------ ----------- ------ ------ ----------
cursor: pin S                   140,036,615      24,833      0 ######      Other
CPU time                                             19          72.9
log file sync                         8,767           8      1   30.2     Commit
log file parallel write               9,039           8      1   29.9 System I/O
control file parallel write           1,269           5      4   20.2 System I/O

Oracle Support confirmed that this is Bug 6904068 High CPU usage when there are “cursor: pin S” waits. We have filed a backport request for it, as there is no patch for our platform available yet.

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