Oracle Clusterware / ASM ASM Instance crash

During a 11gR1 Clusterware installation for a Single Instance Failover Cluster at a customer site, I have experienced an interesting behaviour, which was caused by an Oracle Bug.

The environment was:

  • 2 Node Oracle Clusterware Cluster on Linux x86_64 using latest Recommended Patches as of October 19th. (pre PSU
  • Clusterware installed as unix user crs
  • ASM installed as unix user oracle

The ASM instances could be started with SQL*Plus without any problems, but if the ASM instances were started by means of clusterware using srvctl (either from root, crs or oracle) theĀ  ASM instances would crash at diskgroup mount with:

ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump  [sskgds_find_rtn_hdr()+1171]
[SIGBUS] [ADDR:0x2AACD701342C] [PC:0x25799DF]
[Non-existent physical address] []

Oracle Support identified this behaviour as Bug 6952915, for which there are patches for Linux x86, x86_64 and Solaris Sparc64.

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