Grid Control 11.1 – Encountered Issues

I am currently working with Grid Control 11.1 (plus PSU October 2010) on Linux x86-64 and came across multiple issues:

  • For provisioning, you need 3 specific patches as explained in MOS Note 427577.1.
  • For one of those patches, you need to fix OMS_HOME/bin/ (MOS Note 1145125.1)
  • If you are using HP-UX Itanium Agents, you need to apply agent patch Patch 9756966 (MOS Note 1214754.1)
  • If you are managing 11.2 RAC databases with grid control you need Patch 10015330 (MOS Note 1183783.1)
  • Some of the target databases have database time zone set differently. This results in future timestamp values in MGMT_TARGETS_LOAD_TIMES.LAST_LOAD_TIME and this in turn results in “Status Pending” for targets under specific circumstances. We did not observe this behaviour with agents.

I am sure there will be more to come ….

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  1. Hi martin,

    ALL my database targets display as ‘status pending’ in 11gGC. Did you ever get an update/resolution to this issue?

    Have had the case open with oracle for 5 weeks with no resolution.


  2. Hi SQLDBG,

    this can have several reasons.

    Are the targets single instance or RAC?
    Which version are the targets?
    Do you have OMS PSUs installed for Grid Control 11.1?
    Do you have Have a look at MOS Note 789317.1. (Troubleshooting – Problems Caused by Future Timestamps from Database Targets – Unknown Availability, Status Pending, Rejected upload files in recv/errors


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