Grid Infrastructure – Multicast Patch News

The addition of multicast with caused a lot of troubles and confusion. See the following articles regarding that:

I just saw that Oracle has published a note on October 25th, which says that there will be a patch 9974223 (not yet public), which changes the multicast address from to

See: How to Validate Network and Name Resolution Setup for the Clusterware and RAC [ID 1054902.1]

I found it very interesting that in our current environment, the test script mcast1 fails for, but succeeds for Other than that, the suspected host route for multicast is not even necessary at all.

So, the suggested method from Blog Article is not necessary. It simply turned out that the Java test script is not appropriate for testing, but mcast1.c is.

Update – 10.11.2010

Patch 9974223 is officially available for Linux x86-64.

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