Recyclebin Bug – ORA-600 [ktcdso-1] on Oracle

Just a short note:

If you are using and, chances are high that database stability is endangered because of massive ORA-600 [ktcdso-1], unless you have recyclebin deactived with init.ora recyclebin=off.

Oracle is currently working on this issue with Bug 10427260: ORA-00600 [KTCDSO-1], [], [], [] WHEN PURGE RECYCLE BIN.

Unfortunately, the instance has to be bounced in order to deactivate recyclebin.

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  1. Hi Martin,

    Quick comment – the init.ora parameter RECYCLEBIN can be set to OFF with ALTER SYSTEM command – therefore, no need to bounce the database to de-activate recyclebin.


  2. Hello Chandra,

    unfortunately, alter system set recyclebin is static and needs an instance restart:

    SQL> alter system set recyclebin=OFF;
    alter system set recyclebin=OFF
    ERROR at line 1:
    ORA-02096: specified initialization parameter is not modifiable with this

    In our case, it was necessary to restart the instance to get rid of the ORA-600 Errors.

    Best regards,

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