AWR Warehouse – security issue

During implementation of AWR Warehouse, I discovered that AWR warehouse is using temporary staging schemas in the AWR warehouse repository database. These schemas life approximately for the duration of a datapump import job and are then dropped again. Due to the fact that the used password is not compliant with customers password verification function, the jobs failed.

‘ DEFAULT TABLESPACE ‘ || tbsname;

The staging schemas are created with the password “SYS_GUID” in capital lettters. This looks to me like the developer tried to generate a random string as password but instead overlooked that the password is set to fixed string “SYS_GUID” instead.

Oracle support has noticed this issue and filed an enhancement request. It is a pity, that this is not filed as a bug, but an enhancement.

Well, I hope this improves in a future version together with dynamic retention and purging options as well as customizable staging directories.

Happy AWR´ing.

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